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A ZONING PERMIT IS REQUIRED for any of the following; Erection, Construction, Movement, Placement, Expansion of Structure, Building or Sign.  Change of Use or Expansion of use of Structure or Land. Creation of New Use or New Lot.  Demolition of Building or Structure.  Pools and Fences.

The Township urges everyone to comply with these regulations for the welfare of the entire community.

The Township has an ordinance regulating the subdivision and development of land for residential and commercial purposes. Plans are subject to review by the Planning Commission and approval by the Supervisors. A copy of this ordinance and any other ordinance enacted by the Township may be reviewed or purchased at the Township Office.

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Jeffrey Snyder

Zoning Business Hours: Monday & Wednesday: 2PM-4PM Friday: 10AM-12PM     #(570) 402-1801

Sewage Enforcement Officer:  Ryan Engler #(570) 977-8641

Sewage Permit Application


Residents are required to fill out a moving permit whenever they move into Ross Township or when they move out of Ross Township. Also a permit is required if moving within Ross Town­ship. Permits cost one dollar ($1.00) and can be filled out at the Municipal Building during regular business hours.

Garage sale permits are required. ($10) Be respectful of other property owners when putting up signs. Always get property owners permission to put up signs. Signs need to be removed immediately at the end of sale.