Welcome to Ross Township

As of March 18, 2020 at 12PM, the township office will be CLOSED to the public until further notice.  A lock box will be outside for those who wish to drop off tax payments or any other township business.  The staff will be present during business hours by phone call only.

Anyone wishing to speak to the Zoning Officer, Maureen Minnick can do so by phone at 570-436-7299 or by email at maureen.minnick@bureauveritas.com

For road emergencies, contact Ethan Brewer, Road Foreman at rosstwp4@ptd.net 

The park pavilion, playground and restrooms will also be CLOSED until further notice.


What’s New:  Financial Incentives for Land Conservation Click Here..

Regional Comp Plan is now available for review. The plan has been Adopted by the Township. Click Here..


*WANTED* The Ross Township Park Committee  is looking for people to join their Committee.  If you use the park for walking or your child/children use the playground, you might be interested in helping out.  Even if you can not help out, maybe you know of someone that would like to help to improve the park.They meet once a month.  You can contact the Township 570-992-4990.

ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS . . .One very important matter has been brought to our attention by our emergency responders that needs to have immediate consideration and that is the enforcement of the rules of addressing.

 I understand that the snow has been an issue and sometimes the markers get knocked down, stolen etc. but it is imperative that the residents have their address displayed to assist our emergency responders when they are responding to a police, fire or ambulance call.

Without the proper placement of the address markers, a possible delay could occur while responding which could conceivably result in a negative outcome for that specific emergency call.  Our dispatchers and emergency responders strive very hard and make it a priority to assist the residents of our county in a timely and efficient manner.

Rules & regulations for Ross Township establishing of property identifiaction sign


The walking trail has become such a popular place for everyone to enjoy and is used by many residents which include people walking their dogs.  This has become quite a problem because of a few dog walkers that do not
pick up after their dogs and worse after they pick up the waste in the bags provided they leave the bag behind! There are signs at the doggy bag stations that specifically say “take the used doggy bag with you” for disposal.  This behavior has all been noticed by patrons of the trail as well as when mowing is being done.  As a way of curbing this problem it has been suggested that the Township hold a meeting that all can attend to discuss forming a “trail watch committee” and hopefully that will curtail the offenders and teach them some etiquette which in turn keeps the trail a pleasant place to be.  We are hoping this will alleviate the problem rather than restricting the trail BY NOT ALLOWING DOGS TO BE WALKED THERE!