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The Township Supervisors meet the First Monday of the month at 6:00PM. Unless it is a Holiday, then the meeting will be held the following Monday. The meetings are held at the Ross Township Municipal Building, 250 Anchorage Road; Saylorsburg, PA 18353.

Supervisor Meeting will be:

Monday, July 1, 2024 @ 6 PM.



The Township Planning Commission meets the Third Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM at the Ross Township Municipal Building, 250 Anchorage Rd; Saylorsburg, PA 18353.   

The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, 2024 @ 7 PM.

Plans for review and consideration need to be received 10 business days prior to meeting to be presented to the members of the Planning Commission. 



2023-01-17- PC Agenda-1

2023-02-21- PC Agenda

2023-03-21- PC Agenda

2023-04-18- PC Agenda

PC Meeting May 23, 2023

2023-06-20- PC Agenda

2023-07-18- PC Agenda

2023-08-15- PC Agenda

2023-09-19- PC Agenda

2023-10-17- PC Agenda

No Meeting held for November 2023

No Meeting held for December 2023


No Meeting held for January 2024

2024-2-20 – PC Agenda

2024-3-19 – PC Agenda

2024-4-16 – PC AGENDA

2024-5-21- PC AGENDA

2024-6-18 PC AGENDA

2024-07-16 PC AGENDA




The Township Zoning Hearing Board meet on an as needed basis.

The Township Park & Recreation Committee & Historical Society meet on as needed basis.  At the Township Municipal Annex Building, 258 Anchorage Road; Saylorsburg, PA 18353.