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Regional Comprehensive Plan

Financial Incentives for Land Conservation Click Here..

Regional Comp Plan is now available for review. The plan has been Adopted by the Township. Click Here

Regional Comprehensive Plan for Chestnuthill, Jackson, Eldred, and Ross Townships

Ross Township has Adopted the Regional Comp Plan.

For your review, we have made available the results of our years meetings.

Final Plan (4 megs) Final_Report_1_18_07

*The maps are digital copies of official documents, they may not be exact duplicates, they are provided for your convenience, official documents are available for review at the Township offices.

Maps are in PDF Format

Fig 5_1 Existing Land Use (1.5 megs) Fig5_1_existing_luse11x17

Fig 5_2 Zoning (2 megs) Fig5_2_zoning11x17

Fig 6_1 Agriculture (1.6 megs) Fig6_1_agri11x17

Fig 6_2 Future Land use (1.5 megs) Fig6_2_fut_luse_plan11x17

Fig 6_3 Vacant Ag Forest (1.5 megs) Fig6_3vacant_agri_forest11x17

Fig 8_1 Transportation (1.2 megs) Fig8_1_Transp_plan11x17

Fig 14_1 Sewer (1.2 megs) Fig14_1_sewer11x17

Fig 14_2 Water (1.2 megs) Fig14_2_water11x17

Fig 15_1 Scenic (1.3 megs) Fig15_1_scenic_res11x17

Fig 16_1 Natural Features (1.1 megs) Fig16_1_nat_features11x17

Fig 16_2 Historic (1.2 megs) Fig16_2_historic11x17

If you have any questions please feel free to contact.

Matthew T. Neeb

Chestnut Hill Township

Phone: (570) 992-7247

Regional Comp Plan Committee

Tina Drake

Roger Christman