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United Way is running a program IRS VITA FREE tax preparation program, for families of individuals making less than 54K per year. You can have your taxes prepared by a certified IRS tax preparers for free.

They are also having 2-1-1, which anyone can dial 211 and speak to someone in the county you can direct you any program that exists in Monroe County.  You can also go to:  http://poconoinfo.communityos.org/cms/

The Township is always looking for interested residents to volunteer and serve on various Township committees.  If you are interested kindly submit your name, address and phone number to the Township.

The Spotted Lanternfly  has been spotted in our area. Click Here for more information……    


MCCD Circle trap Video:  https//youtu.be/O5UBvzvkh7U

Monroe County Historical Association is looking for nominations of historical structures. Structures must be 75 years old or older. Property owners can contact 570-421-7703 for information on getting their property recognized.

For more Information on Premium Assistance under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Click here….chip

Pocono Info, Monroe County’s free information & referral helpline. You can contact the helpline in search of human service programs such as food pantries, support groups, shelters, and other assistance programs available in the county.  For more information go to www.poconoinfo.org or 570-517-3954

Pocono alliance has resources for local,state and national levels for more information go to www.Poconoinfo.org